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Eisiau dysgu Cymraeg yn 2019? Do you want to learn Welsh in 2019?

For a limited time only Learn Welsh Swansea Bay have a drop-in centre to help and advise people interested in learning Welsh. As the official local Welsh for Adults course provider, they are eager to help anybody interested in starting to learn or improve their Welsh. They can offer advice about local courses and social events for learners, and direct you to the resources and support available. You can even call-in to arrange a free ’taster session’ held most weekdays, or just browse the exhibition offering information on several local organisations working to help and promote the use of our language.

Rhowch gynnig arni yn 2019! Give Welsh a go in 2019!

Postal Address
Talbot Building, Swansea University, Singleton Campus, Swansea SA2 8PP

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Website: https://www.swansea.ac.uk/academi-hywel-teifi/units/learn-welsh/

News, Events and Offers related to this business

Why not register for a Welsh for Adults Class starting this month?

A weekly class is starting in the Port Talbot Library on the second floor every Monday between 9:30-11:30am. The 20-week beginners’ course is £55 (or £33 with a concession) for 60 hours of lessons and access to online resources.

Latest News, Events & Offers

The Aberafan Shopping Centre, then and now. The Aberafan Shopping Centre has been a focal point for the people of Port Talbot for nearly five decades.

Weekend Playday - HEXBUG Robot Wars! Pick your self up a HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium for only £5 or your very own HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena was £79.99 now only £23.99.

Christmas Quiet Hour & More Every morning for the first hour of opening we will be hosting a quiet hour and more great deals at The Entertainer.

Brands at Aberafan

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