Aberafan Shopping Centre Staff Trained in Life-saving Skills

Aberafan Shopping Centre Staff
Trained in Life-saving Skills

The Welsh Ambulance Service has launched a new Community First Responder Scheme at the Aberafan Shopping Centre. Six members of staff have recently qualified as Community First Responders, after undergoing training provided by the Trust. The training has provided the volunteers, the necessary skills needed to begin life-saving treatment, within the Aberafan Shopping Centre and the surrounding area, before an ambulance arrives.

Team Co-ordinator Chris Morgan MBE explained, “when a patient faces a serious emergency, every second counts for them and a simple helping hand from a Community First Responder, can make a vital difference to their lives. In Wales, there are approximately 8,000 sudden cardiac arrests outside hospital each year and every minute without CPR and defibrillation, reduces the chance of survival by 10 per cent”.

Aberafan Shopping Centre Manager Steve Redmore said “It is our aim, to provide a safe environment for all who visit the centre. These advanced skills allow them to respond as part of the ambulance emergency service and covers an area which extends beyond the shopping centre. We are proud to provide such a service and we continue to work alongside the emergency services, which are instrumental in driving this initiative”

Welsh Ambulance Service Regional First Responder Officer Steve Roberts explained “It is a proven fact that the quicker you can get medical help to someone facing a cardiac arrest, the better their long term prognosis is. Thanks to the drive and determination of the team, this help will be available for people who really need it, until we arrive at the scene.”

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