Guidelines for café and restaurant customers as they re-open on August 3rd

From Monday, August 3rd, the Welsh Government has announced that it is safe for indoor restaurants and cafes to reopen.

Here at the Aberafan Shopping Centre, we are delighted that all of our food premises will be able to accommodate customers from this date.

Though each premises will have its own set of carefully thought through regulations in place to keep customers and visitors safe (please read their notices), there are a number of guidelines outlined by the Welsh Government that all customers should be aware of:

  • Customers are encouraged to use hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities as they enter the venue.
  • Please be aware of changes to entrances, exits and queue management, taking into account reasonable adjustments for those who need them, including disabled customers.
  • Customers are reminded that if they are accompanied by children, they are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Indoor and soft play areas will remain closed.
  • Movement through venues may be adjusted to reduce congestion and contact between customers. For example, queue management or one-way flow, where possible.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be in place within venues, please stay 2 meters away from others. In the event of adverse weather conditions, customers cannot seek shelter indoors unless social distancing can be maintained.
  • Minimising of customer self-service of food, cutlery and condiments will be in place to reduce risk of transmission. For example, providing cutlery and condiments only when food is served.
  • Disposable condiments will be provided where possible, otherwise non-disposable condiment containers will be cleaned after each use.
  • Every effort should be made to reduce the number of surfaces touched by both staff and customers. We ask that customers remain at a table where possible and do not lean on counters when collecting takeaways.
  • We continue to encourage contactless payments where possible.
  • There may be an adjusting of service provision within premises to minimise staff contact with customers. Indoor table service will be used where possible, alongside further measures such as assigning a single staff member per table. Where bar or counter service is unavoidable, customers are asked to refrain from remaining at the bar or counter after ordering.
  • Measures will be in place to prevent customers from congregating at points of service. We know you like to help, but please only let staff collect and return empty plates, cups and glasses to the counter.
  • We encourage the use of outdoor areas for service where possible. So please consider ordering a takeaway if you can.

We really want you to enjoy using the refreshment facilities at our shopping centre safely, so please continue to think carefully, maintain social distancing and ensure you adhere to the current guidelines. Thank you!

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