Spooky Celebration Ideas for a Halloween in Lockdown

This year, Halloween celebrations are set to be very different from usual, with the ongoing lockdown restrictions limiting the activities that you can plan for the 2020 spooky season. With lockdown restrictions currently in place for most of Wales, trick-or-treating and parties including people from outside your household are prohibited.

But this just means that we have to be extra creative in the ways we celebrate this year. If you have a family that includes small children, ensuring to make time to have fun is the best way to keep their spirits up, as well as our own! So, even though your usual Halloween plans might have been stumped - here are some great alternatives that are still super fun, while being COVID-safe and legal.

Turn Your Home into a Haunted House

As children can’t attend their usual Halloween parties, either at a friend’s home or in a community hall, then you need to bring the party to them instead. Using decorations and accessories you can find in Wilko, Poundland or B&M, such as banners, balloons, candles, cobwebs and even fake creepy crawlies - you can transform your home into a spooky setting for Halloween night.

Get creative with arts, crafts and baking

Along with buying decorations, a great way of keeping the kids entertained is getting stuck into some arts and crafts activities and making your own. Using Wilko, Poundland or B&M paint pallets, pens, card, and lots of other craft supplies, you can make a whole range of eerie accessories for the home. We’ve even found some printable templates to get you started.

If you’re a family that likes to get messy in the kitchen, head over to Iceland to get some ingredients for some Halloween themed baking too!

The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail

Under government advice, trick-or-treating may be prohibited this year - but parents have come up with a great idea to still get children out and about on Halloween night. Iceland have pumpkins in stock ready to be carved, with the tools to do so found in Poundland, Wilko or B&M. Place one in your window and go for a walk yourself to spot other pumpkins in windows!

Dress up Anyway!

Dressing up is a huge part of the Halloween tradition, so don’t let COVID dampen the mood and get your costumes on anyway! You could stand on the doorstep and show off your costumes to passers-by, or use Zoom to keep family and friends entertained! There are some great costumes for all ages at B&M and Wilko. If you want to keep the costume budget to a minimum, then you could also check out what Ty Hafan have to offer in the form of old clothes that can be zombified or even second-hand costumes.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate this Halloween, you’ll find the perfect selection of supplies, accessories and fun ideas at the shopping centre. We’ll see you soon!

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