Tips for shopping safely and considerately during the coronavirus pandemic

Most customers at Aberafan Shopping Centre will already be aware of some of the measures our retailers are putting in place to safeguard customers and staff during this virus outbreak. It is very important that we all stick to the current guidance regarding social distancing and non-essential travel, and that when we do visit the shopping centre, we do our best to shop safely, with consideration towards other shoppers, shop-workers and centre staff.

Here are some top tips to ensure we shop safely:

Check the opening hours

We are currently working on slightly reduced opening hours, which at the moment are 9:00am – 5:30pm on Monday to Saturday, and 10:00am – 4:00pm on Sunday, though these may change. It’s best to check our website regularly to keep up to date and save yourself a potentially wasted trip. Many of our shops are closed for the time being, with only essential retailers remaining open. These are shops which provide food, medicine and essentials for the home: Bodycare; Boots Pharmacy; Home Bargains; Holland & Barrett; Iceland; Poundland; and Wilkinsons. So, we are asking that visitors only come to the centre when they need to visit one of these shops for essential supplies.

Plan ahead

By making a list and planning your trip, you will be able to make your visit as efficient as possible. All our shops are well stocked, and shelves are being refilled daily, but there may be instances where certain items are not available. It’s good to be prepared for this and have an idea of an alternative if the item you want is currently out of stock. The aim of planning in advance and knowing exactly what you need is to limit the duration of your trip and, therefore, limit the possibility of transmission. There’s nothing worse than getting home from your shopping trip and remembering something you had forgotten to buy. Please try to make every trip to the centre count.

Keep at least two metres apart

Government guidance is that a distance of two metres should be kept between people who are not members of the same household. All our shops now have markings on the floor indicating the distance that should be observed wherever possible. We know that there may be occasions where this is unavoidable, particularly when people pass each other in the aisles. To help minimise this, it is a good idea to know exactly what you need in each shop before entering.

Wash your hands

We’re sure you’ve all heard the government advice to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. This applies to before you leave the house and when you return from your shopping trip. The virus can easily be transmitted via hand contact with items – handles, trollies etc. So, try to keep your hands as clean as possible and avoid touching your face.

Only touch items you are going to buy

Because the virus can be transmitted via touch, we ask that you do not browse items you do not intend to purchase. Picking items up and then putting them back on the shelves can lead to potential transmission, please avoid doing this.

Shop alone if you can

Wherever possible, we would ask that when you visit the centre that you do so alone. The fewer people out and about at any one time the better for limiting the spread of the virus. We understand that your circumstances may be such that this is not possible, and we will of course accommodate you. We would ask, however, that if children are brought to the centre with you, that it is explained to them before the trip about the need to keep their distance from other shoppers and not to touch items on the shelves you will not be purchasing.

Don’t bulk buy

Our shops are well stocked and refilled on a regular basis, so please only buy the number of items you and your household need. Do not be tempted to buy in bulk and stockpile items, this will mean that potentially someone else may have to go without. Some shops have limits on the number of certain items you can purchase, so please don’t be offended if you are asked to return multiple item purchases.

Be kind to others

These are very difficult times for everyone, so please ensure your behaviour is considerate to other shoppers as well as the shop employees and centre staff. Everyone is doing their best under very trying circumstances, so please work with us to ensure that the Aberafan Shopping Centre can operate efficiently and continue supplying the community with everything they need throughout this virus pandemic.


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