Top 5 gardening jobs for January

With the very coldest months of the year in full swing, January may not be the month most associated with gardening, but there are lots of jobs you can get done very early on in the year. Then, in the spring and summer you’ll have more time for that all important planting. If you focus on these five tasks, your garden will be greatly prepared for when spring rolls in.

Feed the Birds

In the Winter months, a bird’s natural food sources become more scarce, which drives birds into our gardens to seek food. Give them a helping hand by making your garden a safe-haven.

Planning the Year of Planting Ahead

January is a great time to settle down in the warm indoors and plan ahead for what your yearly planting schedule will be. If you have plans to grow lots over the course of the year in a small garden space, you may need to pencil in dates and times where you will rotate one vegetable for another in your plot. This is known as crop rotation and planning ahead helps to make sure everything has the best chance of growing well.

Wilkos have a fantastic planting calendar here for you to help you get ahead.

Getting your Tools Ready

A lot of your garden tools will have probably been stored in your shed and forgotten about for a period of time, so giving them a good check-over this January should be a priority on your to-do list. Out-of-action tools can develop rust and other nasty diseases if not cleaned properly. Taking time to wash these tools with warm and soapy water will limit damage. While you're there, you could also check the stiffness and bluntness of your tools, which can be fixed with WD40 and a sharpening tool respectively.

Neaten The Garden Up

Once the weather is ripe for planting, you don’t want to be wasting any of your precious gardening time on the smaller jobs that can be done earlier in the year, such as neatening up the garden. You can trim the edges of your lawn and any unruly shrubbery or bushes, clean up your patio area with a jet wash or a stiff broom, and also discard any broken pots or dying plants that didn’t make it through winter.

Prepare for Planting

So, you’ve kept the wildlife happy, ordered in all of your prospective plants for the year, tidied up your tools and garden. You’re almost there! The final step is to just put these all together. To get well ahead of the game, you could prepare your shed for the year to reflect your upcoming plans. You can label pots that are reserved for certain plants, even put the seed packets inside the pots for more clarity. Make sure all of those clean tools are easy to find and accessible and keep on top of keeping your edges neat. Spring will roll around in no time!

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