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Batman visits the Aberafan Shopping Centre

Batman visits the Aberafan Shopping Centre

Date: 1 October 2021 | By: admin

The Dark Knight’s iconic silhouette is spotted on the Aberafan skyline, but who sent out the Bat Signal?

There have been some extraordinary scenes, here at the Aberafan Shopping Centre, as legendary Gotham City crime-fighter, the one-and-only Batman, was seen scaling our roof in broad daylight!

Batman was spotted visiting the area ahead of the first ever Port Talbot Superhero Day on Monday 25th October, when he will be coming back to the town centre with several of his crime-fighting superhero friends.

It just so happens that this will coincide with the school half term holidays, so put the date in your diary to avoid missing this super-exciting event!

The team of superheroes will be assembling in Bethany Square between 10:30am and 2:30pm, and we’ve been tipped off by the great Batman himself that they may be looking for new recruits.

So, get your superhero suits on to get a selfie with the Dark Knight and his team of masked vigilante heroes, and join them in their fight against evil!

On the day, Batman will be joined by a crack squad of heroic crime fighters, including the legendary Spider-Man, Iron Man, Supergirl and more.

He’s also told us that he’s even bringing his 1989 Batmobile, so don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to take a look at, and even get a picture of, this iconic vehicle!


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