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Swarm of Bees make honey in Centre!

Swarm of Bees make honey in Centre!

Date: 16 June 2022 | By: aberafan

Word has finally got out – social media does work! - and ahead of Armed Forces Day next Saturday a swarm of honey bees had decided to camp out the North entrance ahead of the scheduled activities/performances organised at the Aberafan Shopping Centre on 25th June 2022!

Following their long and tiring journey the Queen decided to take a rest and her workers cared and protected her in their swarm of visibility. Our resident Centre Manager, Chris Morgan MBE, and his loyal team isolated the area and ensured a safe transition to a local hive.

Local residents of Port Talbot had been warned not to approach the bees should they see any stragglers in the vicinity.

Of course, should anybody have an issue with bees, or swarms of bees, appearing over the summer period please feel free to contact us at the Centre and we would be happy to pass on the useful information we have learnt today.


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